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SR 450 Backpack Sprayer/Duster

Powerful backpack sprayer that easily converts from liquid to granular applications. Ideal for distributing liquid or solid insecticides, fertilizers or herbicides, the STIHL SR 450 easily converts from misting to dusting applications without special tools or additional equipment. A larger and more powerful engine provides a wider spray range that is 20% greater than previous models, taking 20% less time to spray the same area depending on the application.The STIHL SR 450 Backpack Sprayer is powered by a low-emission, fuel-efficient engine and comes equipped with a large fuel tank, allowing for longer run times during use. Built for efficient operation, the SR 450's one-hand control handle includes engine controls as well as product feed controls, allowing for superior command during use, and air speed can be easily adjusted during use for greater application and less product waste. The SR 450 can also convert to a backpack blower for debris cleanup.

Product Specifications
Model SR 450
Displacement 63.3 cc
Power 3.9
Weight 12.8
Fuel Capacity 1.7 L
Container Capacity 14.0 L
Air Volume (with tube): 920 m^3/h (542 cfm)
Air Velocity 90 m/sec. (201 mph)
Spray Range (Ideal Conditions) Vertical : 13 m (43 ft), Horizontal : 14.5 m (48 ft)
Special Features
  • Larger and more powerful engine that provides a larger spray range as compared to previous models
  • Low-emission (meets/exceeds EPA minimum emission standards)
  • Fuel-efficient engine and large fuel tank offer long run times
  • Easily-converts from misting to dusting applications without special tools or additional equipment
  • More powerful than the STIHL SR 420
  • Anti-vibration system reduces fatigue
  • One-hand control handle includes engine controls and the product feed controls
  • Air speed can be adjusted on the fly for greater application control and reducing product waste
  • Simplified three-step starting procedure

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